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With one click on the button we will redirect you to the top 9 tourist destinations in Thailand.

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We publish the best offers every week and we also have some special deals in stock.

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Your visa specialist for Shengen visitor visas and all types of Thailand visas. Talk to us.

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Thanks to the Member Super Special Newsletter, I took advantage of an offer in which me and my wife paid under EUR 2,800.00 in Emirates Economy Plus. It's always worth subscribing to this newsletter. Thanks for the great service.

Rainer Kirchmeier

Before Corona, I was part of the last exclusive Thailand tour - which was an unforgettable adventure. In these 3 weeks, close friendships were formed that still stand today. I would love to go on the tour again in January, but unfortunately I can't. If you have the chance to take part in this tour, don't hesitate for long, because you will remember these weeks for the rest of your life.

Sebastian Ränker

I invited my girlfriend from Vietnam to come to Switzerland with me. Perfect service from the travel lodge, as everything comes from a single source and at extremely fair conditions. Bigthom did not charge EUR 2200.00 for the entire package, including insurance, the Shengen visa process and the direct flight to Zurich. Can recommend this service to everyone

Roger Bichsel

Fast Track Landing

Fast Track Service

Simply excellent

Request your offer for a Fast Track Service now using the Express Message Form listed above. ! Please provide us with all information, such as flight number, arrival or departure date and time, how many people. We also need information about additional services, such as whether a golf cart should pick you up at the gate and whether you would like to book the limousine service. If so, we still need the hotel address. We will get back to you within the next 12 hours, thank you very much.

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